1) Creating & Maintaining Networks

Networks – yes, a lot of people talk about them.

Some count “friends”, others “followers” – but thats not what we mean!

We talk about the group of people around the world that understand and make a living in motorsport.

People, who have the trust in us and are available on the phone every time you call them.

People who help and support the projects and the businesses we currently are involved in.

They, like us, are in the business for many years and know the “Do’s” and – more importantly – the “Dont’s” of the motorsport world and that only results are counting.

They are the people that we trust and who trust “amoroc”. For us: the only way of creating and maintaining global networks!

2) Organisation of events

No – we are not (!) an agency!

Yes – we can help you organise your event at any race (track) – no matter where and when!

Let us know what your idea is and we will work on it until we have the set-up you like!

Sure – wonders are not on our agenda, but you will be surprised about what is possible!

3) Motorsport Business…

…yes – business!

Not sponsorship!

Stickers on cars… no way, not our “cup of tea”!

This part is about relationship management, quality products that stand out from others.

And the market knowledge & networks in various regions of the motorsport world.

We have created business opportunities, negotiated supply & distribution contracts and implemented motorsport businesses in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas!

Last but not least…. we are here to help – sometimes a troubleshooter is needed at a track… even that role is not unfamiliar to us!